Monday, July 2, 2012

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing: #13 - Study the Writer's Market

Most suggestions on how to make money writing from home don't come with a link to purchase a book. But, when I thought back to when I first started writing for money, I realized that the Writer's Market was the best investment I ever made.

Take time to find the current contact information for the editor you're writing to - the biggest turn-off for any publisher or editor is to discover that the writer has sent in a query to them, but with their name spelled wrong, or even to an old editor altogether!

Study the current Writer's Market for information on small, medium and large publishers of newspapers (less and less available opportunities for freelancers), magazines, and online zines and websites and blogs. Even if the Writer's Market is just a jumping-off point for you, you'll discover tons of ways that you can make money writing. It should be in the library of any new or wannabe writer, along with seasoned writing professionals.

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