Saturday, January 7, 2012

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - #11 - Write Menus for Restaurants

Write Menus for Restaurants
or Menus for Restaurants


Have you ever been in a restaurant, and you've just cringed when you read the words describing your favorite dishes? Let's face it - most restaurant owners (especially Mom and Pop type takeout places) aren't overly concerned with beautiful prose on their menus. They want a basic description of the dishes, and that's about it. But, they might appreciate a professional writer - yes, that's YOU - taking over, and re-writing their old, weary menu.

How do you go about finding a menu writing assignment? It's all about asking! If you feel a bit awkward about asking face to face, you could always send an email via the restaurant's website or send a fax if the fax number is available.

Payment will obviously vary, especially if you're just getting started in copywriting. But, as long as you can writing mouthwatering words that describe the delicious food that establishment whips up, you might've found yourself a very unusual new writing gig. And hey - maybe you can just get paid in food, which is for us lowly (and often hungry) writers, a wonderful type of payment indeed.

Onward fellow writers, write and write some more!

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