Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - #10 - Write about your town or city

How can writing about your locality - your town or city - earn money into your freelancing pockets? Try contacting popular local websites, newspapers or locally produced magazines and send in queries of your work. Even small published pieces are valuable clips to add to your portfolio!

Or, create a simple website with information about your town or city, particularly if it's a popular destination for tourists. You'll be able to monetize the site by selling ads to local businesses, hotels, tourist spots, etc. Plus, you can monetize your site by including ads from Google Adsense, which is a quick and painless way to earn an income from your site right away.

If you're technologically insecure, then blog about your town or city instead. A blog like this one on is free and easy to start. You can blog about local happenings in your home town, and even get guest blog posts from popular residents.

Writing about your locality is another way to make money writing.
Until next time...happy writing!

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