Monday, October 17, 2011

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - #4 - Write eBay Auctions

Here's our next way to make money by writing - and again, this one involves online writing work. Perhaps you've never thought of it, but if you're a big eBay nut like I am - do you ever notice how poorly written some of those eBay auctions are? Some eBay auctions are amazingly well written, but some - even for big ticket items - are not well written. Having a well written eBay auction can greatly increase sales for eBay sellers.

So, start scouring eBay (oh, darn! I hate when I have to do that...), and contact eBay sellers with the offer to write their auction pages for them. It's fun, and sometimes lucrative writing work for new and experienced freelance writers alike! And, it's just one more copywriting assignment to add to your ever growing list of paying assignments.

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