Monday, October 17, 2011

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - # 6 - Sell Your Poetry at Craft Fairs

Sure, you might think craft fairs are just for...well, crafts. But, your artistic and creative words are just as artistic as the most crafty offerings at those other booths!

A very interesting way to make money selling your words is to offer beautiful handmade cards featuring your poetry. Poets in general have a very hard time selling their poems, so trying something entirely new and different like this may be just the thing you need to increase your writing income.

You could also take orders to create romantic poems for anniversaries, etc. The sky is the limit! You could charge a base rate, and then ask for certain details which can then be incorporated into the poetry. For longer poems, the rate will of course increase.

Selling your poems in unusual ways such as at arts and crafts shows and fairs is just another way that your writing can bring home a paycheck for you. Get writing!

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