Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - #9 - Write an eBook

The #9 way to make money writing on our master list of 1000 is to write your own ebooks. From my experience of selling an ebook at around $19.95 each compared to the small royalty you make on each traditionally published book - I'd have to say that if you can write a great ebook, and can market it well - you might make a lot more money selling ebooks!

As a writer, you can easily do the research necessary to come up with some ideas for your own ebooks. Or, if you want to add some income by selling ebooks immediately, and without needing to do all the writing involved - then try a site like Clickbank. You can provide links to ebooks for sale on their site, and earn a percentage on each sale.

eBooks are just another way to add to your writing income!
Until next time...get writing!

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