Monday, October 17, 2011

1000 Ways to Make Money Writing - #7 - Write for Realtors

We're already easing into the 7th idea for writers to make money with their words - and that is to write for a very specific group of people - realtors or real estate agents.

Why do you realtors need your writing?
Realtors rely on marketing materials to sell homes. Without materials to inform potential clients of the homes for sale in the area, those homes will never get sold. With the recession in full force in many areas across North America, realtors need good copywriters now more than ever.

How can I get an assignment writing for a realtor?
It often just comes down to asking! If you know a real estate agent or realtor personally, ask if they or anyone in their company or office needs some copywriting completed. Ask specifically what type of copywritten materials they need. These could include newsletters (either online or offline versions), flyers with information on certain properties for sale, website content, blog posts, etc.

How much should I charge a realtor for marketing materials?
As with all copywriting, how much to charge a client can be a very tricky area. If you're an accomplished and experienced copywriter, then your rates will obviously be higher. But, if you're new to copywriting, it only makes sense to charge a little less. Sometimes you'll need to negotiate with the realtor - or any client - to find a price that they can afford, and that you can afford to settle for. (Remember -- a professional writer of any sort gets paid for their writing! Only accept freebie assignments if it'll mean huge exposure for other writing projects you have on the go, such as books or ebooks. As a general rule of thumb, though - you're doing legitimate writing work, and deserve legitimate pay.)

Writers: Have you written copy for realtors? Please post a comment and tell us about it!

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